For those of us that like to start the morning with a warm beverage that helps to open the eyes a bit more and energize us for whatever might lie ahead during the day, my “noffee” is the way to go! Many of us have developed the habit of drinking coffee and feeling almost dependent on it, so cutting it out for AIP might seem like the end of the world. BUT HAVE NO FEAR – this herbal coffee seriously tastes like coffee, and you can adjust it for your own personal taste.

First off, you must be wondering WHY AIP calls you to give up coffee? Well, #1, AIP calls you to give up seeds, and coffee is technically a seed. #2, If you suffer from celiac or gluten intolerance, coffee could quite possibly be harmful. Since coffee is a cross-reactive food, your body might react the same way it does whenever you consume gluten. And just because you don’t suffer from celiac or gluten intolerance, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear to drink all the coffee you want – coffee can really confuse your adrenal glands. Many of us rely on it to give us the energy we need to make it through the day, but it often results in fatigue. It can cause you to wake up actually feeling unrested, cause insomnia, and even depression.

You don’t have to be doing AIP to drink herbal coffee! Maybe you’re just looking for a break from coffee for whatever reason – fertility, digestion, hormone balancing – and you want a substitute to help get you through – I’ve got you covered!!

Here are 7 popular Adaptogenic Mushrooms and their benefits:

Chaga – high in antioxidants, stimulates and regulates the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps reduce blood pressure, anti-aging, fights against ulcers and gastritis, and even fights against cancer

Shiitake – strengthens bones, reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and even helps with weight loss

Himematsutake – anti-viral and anti-tumor effects, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, natural remedy for atherosclerosis, diabetes, dermatitis, and hepatitis

Lions Mane – stimulates brain function, regulates blood sugar, and boosts the immune system, reduces depression and anxiety, reduces fatigue

Turkey Tail – reduces inflammation, treats HPV, improves bone health, reduces hypertension, aids in digestion

Cordyceps – increases resilience and endurance, protects heart health, regulates respiratory function, detoxifies the body, strengthens immune system

Reishi – helps in relaxation, increases antioxidants in blood, reduces cholesterol, helps cope with stress

Now each mushroom has their own unique benefits, so you can choose whichever one you might be in need of. The nice thing about this recipe is that you’re the boss. You get to choose what goes in it. Mix and match!